Friday, September 4, 2015

Amazingly Enough,

I'm still rolling through July, Dear Reader.  It's still (silly*)
*(My little actors are the
scientists of silly.  It's part of
what makes them so smart!)

The Yard Man and I got to attend a very fine picnic, hosted by one of The Yard Man's Amish friends and his wife.
There was also that  very large church conference (WORLD conference, it's called) that The Yard Man and I attended one day (of its five-day run).  But I've already told you about that, Dear Reader

It's one of the logs I managed to keep out of this backlog!

August comes next!
And it's ushered in by a birthday bash (er, a birthday lunch, birthday ice cream sundaes,  a short birthday hike, a long birthday gabfest by a lake...yes, a birthday bash)!
It's for my friend, Iudi.*

*It's not a typo.
It's her Greek name.

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