Sunday, July 26, 2015


That's right, Reader Dear, it was a convergence of thousands of folks from (nearly) every corner of the globe, all of them having the commonality of belonging to the same church.  Since this world-wide gathering of church members only occurs once every six years, and it moves from country to country, The Yard Man and I figured we'd better check it out while it was so close to home (a mere forty-mile trip from our house).  The conference lasted five full days, but our time in attendance was just Saturday afternoon and evening--the grand finale. 

While there were a lot of displays from around the world,  and activities of interest, the real highlight was the music!  (Listener Dear, just lend an ear... you'll hear!):

This church is nothing if not war-protesting-anti-war-pacifists!
We feel strongly about it! We like to sing about it!
We wanna lay down our swords and shields, down by the riverside!
We don't wanna study war no more!
(Er...when you get right down to it, we "ain't gonna"!)

The fact is, we are a singing bunch!
We'll even lustily sing out foreign words, trusting they are appropriate for the event and expressing a common sentiment!  

My personal favorite was the "fly away" song...(fortunately sung in the one language in which I'm fluent)!
Ahh, it was marvelous, sung by a World Choir.......

...who will all be "flying away" at some time or another (even those not flying away on a plane in the next day or so)!

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