Friday, July 17, 2015


a pastime, diversion, exercise, or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment.
I sat on the landing of the steps leading to this second-floor rental unit.  I had lined up all the paint samples and thought to choose some color showing a little less yellow*. (Just because it happens to be a favorite color of mine does not say prospective tenants would be smiling). I left the entry door open to allow for lots of natural light.  A breeze wafted in as I sat there contemplating the choices.  I briefly relaxed.  This relatively pleasant chore afforded me some diversion from the filth and chaos above.  With only a tiny niggling of doubt, I might label these few minutes as rental recreation. 
However, Dear Viewer, keeping things real, I hasten to add a hyphen.
Soon enough, I had to go upstairs, you see, to check on the work of the man who is tearing out the flimsy, aging kitchen cabinets.  
Up here, it is all about the hyphen (stressing the fact that there is nothing recreational about it)!  The recently off-to-their-new-home tenants were not the most meticulous of renters.  Everything's dirty.  There are stains on the carpets.  There is a mysterious stain on the vinyl where the sun beats in at the sliding glass doors. The water heater is shot.  There is a broken light fixture .  There are many rust spots atop the clothes dryer.  Hmm....and did I mention things are more than a tad dirty.

the act of creating anew.
 Ultimately, photographing this apartment when it is in its totally re-created state--its fine and fancily furnished fitness--will afford me  the opportunity to once again toss out the hyphen. 

I promise to share the delightful diversion--the recreation around the re-creation-- with you, oh, Viewer Dear!

*"Please coat these walls with Cake Batter,"
I intend to tell the painter.

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