Wednesday, August 1, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS pop up everywhere in late summer! It's just that time of year, I suppose--nine months after...uh...Columbus Day!

At one time I studied Greek with today's birthday person, Iudi being her Greek name. And she arranged this lovely little birthday excursion to celebrate not only the birthday, but the friendships, and the tiny little tourist spot called Mt. Gretna (where they have, Reader Dear, an actual "Fairy Garden" that is accessible to anyone and everyone; just walk right in and pour oneself some imaginary tea and eat some imaginary crumpets [and revel in the British feel of it all, and especially with the Olympics bringing London to our screens...twenty-four seven!]).

Reader Dear, we did have an actual for-real birthday meal at Mt. Gretna, but only after flagrantly flouting the law of the land!!

(It just so happened, Reader Dear, that our dear birthday person wanted to rid herself of an adorable little pest, and so we TRANSPORTED BY VEHICLE a WILD ANIMAL! [Of course, we stopped to release DeeDee (Iudi herself did not care to name this small creature, therefore the task fell to me [perhaps the only truly humane creature in the car, Reader Dear!] back into the wild territory known as "far enough away from Iudi's house!")

Dear Reader, a good time was had by all!*
Happy Birthday, my dear friend Iudi!

*(Though it's quite possible DeeDee had the
most miserable day of her life!)

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