Monday, August 20, 2012


READER DEAR, HERE'S AN OLLA PODRIDA*... because, well, just because time keeps moving at a record clip! If there's any way for me to keep up, stumbling along as fast as I can with my rags and my tags, it has to be in a hodge-podge like this.
The Yard Man and I dropped our Asheville daughter off at the airport with an apple, half a bag of jelly beans, and wearing a sweatshirt that the woman who was hugging her and saying, "Oh, we're going to miss you!" used to wear to high school about a million years ago!
(Didn't I say, Reader Dear, that time is streaking by...?!)

During the past month I have eaten:
Green tomatoes
Yellow watermelon
Purple carrots
White beets
Blue tomatoes
It's enough to make me think that SOMEONE (and I'm not naming any names, Reader Dear) must have jumbled up the numbers in the paint-by-number set!


Meanwhile, all the cantaloupes I've been eating have been plain old cantaloupe-colored ones--lush, local, juicy, fantastic cantaloupes I've been eating like candy.


I got a call from an old friend who inquired of me: "Can we spend the night at your house on Saturday night? We're coming to the area for a family reunion of MY family. To sweeten the deal for Shirley (She's his wife, Reader Dear), I promised her we could stay with you if you'll have us."
Talk about a sweet deal!
"I'm bringing sticky buns for breakfast,"* said Shirley, when she got on the line.

Those baked delicacies were just about the swoon-worthiest I've ever eaten; but then! To top them off**, The Yard Man and I got a morning-long visit with our dear friends! Sweet! (Oh, my, it was such a fine treat!)

*Orange-filled buns, sort of like cinnamon buns but with grated orange peel. Ooooohhh. Mmmmm.
**They were also topped off with orange icing. "Take all you want," said Shirley. She'd made a great big jarful.

*Dear, was an OOPS.
Time travel has not been invented yet, and this post belongs squarely back in the summery past. Just where in that past I can't say for sure.  I'd say two years or more. Possibly four. Sorry for my misstep into the yore.


Shirley said...

And we had one of your man's big, bawdy chicken eggs in our pancakes last night. Now that we don't have our own fowl, those for-real scratch-dirt yellow yolkers are something to prize.

Thank you for staying home and taking care of us (and cooking up that good bacon, too, Mr. Q).

sk said...

Kathy? Are you okay?

KTdid said...

Aha, you have every reason to be concerned. I had no idea I had misplaced this post (and I see by your first comment that it was indeed almost four years ago that I first posted it)until I saw your second comment!