Monday, August 27, 2012


WAAAHHHH! LAST CONCERT of the summer! (Well, you know, Reader Dear, how accustomed I am to traipsing over to the park every Sunday evening. You should know good and well how good and well I enjoy toting the lawn chairs out onto the grassy expanse and waiting for friends to show up, and the band to strike up (Last night that Twizzler Guy, he came sauntering by (on account of how it's the final concert, and he always puts in an appearance at the final concert, passing out free twizzlers [on account of how they make those red candy whips right here in the county, Reader Dear!]!)

And Monsignor Man-in-the-Moon, he likes to attend these musical events, as well (and often gives glowing reports). He's been showing up earlier and earlier each week; now, at this grand finale, he's swimming across the sky with a mournful look in his eye.

I just know he's going to miss these concerts, too.

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