Sunday, August 5, 2012



And my goodness, Viewer Dear, there were just so many natural wonders of the (Poconos) world to see and hear! Along with the other dear family members gathered here, I hiked through dense wooded areas, dabbled my feet in cold water at the foot of a waterfall, climbed over rocks at a boulder field (field of boulders, Reader Dear, just a field of boulders) and "explored" small towns in the mountains:

Perhaps the most outstanding wonder of all is how this family can manage to sit out on the expansive deck of the cabin, while the frantic cicadas are loudly making their bellies buzz, and follow the conversation while all the humans talk at once!

It's a modern marvel!
(Or perhaps a very ancient one, how am I to know...)

(And I'll still be talking Pocono wonders tomorrow, Reader Dear, if you care to hear more [or even (and I hesitate to say this, but it's ever so true, Dear Reader) if you don't!]).

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