Wednesday, September 9, 2015


rapidly through the rest of August, I'll try to be brief, Reader Dear:
No, I did not raise the sunflowers.  I bought three of them and put them in a  vase. Aren't they stunning?! 

I did grow, all unawares and accidentally,  a watermelon!  As I was weeding the jumbled mass of vines in my little herb bed I made the surprising discovery.  You, Listener Dear, should have heard me crowing!

And now for the August highlight:  A vacation with my three small-sized actors! (All of their caretakers also joined The Yard Man and me at the rented house in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  And the Dark-haired Daughter and David showed up, too!)

Packing the cars:

The actors preparing for departure:

(Four hours later)
The House!

The Hot Tub and Pool (Ooo-la-la)!
The Mountain View (double Ooo-la-la)!

Mountain View at Sunset (uh...Wow)!

And more; oh, yes, more!

(... to be continued)

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