Saturday, September 12, 2015


and get all kinds of attention for its showiness.
But take a look at this, Dear Viewer!
Summer's got its flashy colors, too!

My brother and his wife showed up first (ahead of autumn).  They were en route home from taking their daughter to college (what did I say; it's that time of year, you know).
My brother being a master gardener, he was happy to go take a look
at The Yard Man's produce-handling place of employment. (It's where I photoed all the bright, edible goodies!)
And, speaking of produce!
Do you recall, Reader Dear, I have a miniature orchard?

Yowzers!  Looks like I'm going to have an increase in harvest!
Not to mention that little watermelon that was produced all unexpectedly in my herb bed.

Viewer Dear, let's see how that developed
(I'm prepared to cut into it right now):

Surprise, surprise!  It's  yellow!
I am sampling a piece right now...
and,'s edible!
Not very sweet or yummy,
but, hey, edible!*

*I don't like to look gift horses in the mouth.

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