Friday, September 25, 2015


Last week, Reader Dear,  I discovered a fascinating fact of which I'd heretofore been totally unaware.

It was an idea that I had never even contemplated prior to my newfound knowledge of it!   Here's the (relatively) short and uncomplicated story:

A form came in the mail: It was time to renew my driver's license photo.  It was mandated that the picture of me looking slightly younger would no longer suffice.  Dear Reader, as I am constantly doing battle with procrastination, I made an attempt to speedily take myself to the Division of Motor Vehicles.

In a (relatively) small room filled with folding chairs sat perhaps a dozen people.  They were all waiting their turn for a visit with one or the other of two men who were taking photos.  I took a number, then took a seat and waited.

In a (relatively) short time my number was called.  The man on the right motioned for me to take a seat at  his desk.  He had a few questions for me to answer, and asked them in a brisk and efficient   manner while looking at his screen.

And then, without a pause, he instructed,"Look right there at the blue dot.  Smile if  you wish.  And here we go!"

 I laughed.
"You're giving me permission to smile?!" I asked.

"Yes," he responded.  "Some states do not allow it!"*

( I'm allowing you time, Reader Dear, to pick yourself up off the floor)

When I, myself,  could scramble back into my seat, I asked the guy incredulously,  "Are you serious?!"  (Though the guy was hiding his funny-bone well, if humor was his goal.)

Public Service Announcement, Dear Reader:  If you have moved to the state of Virginia because it is "for lovers," please be informed it is only for NON-smiling lovers!

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sk said...

My "lovers" license pic is horrific. My natural endowments don't help any.