Tuesday, June 30, 2015


problem with my camera.  The snafu sneaked up so quietly, it kind of took me off-guard!

I've been to every Sunday evening concert in the park since they began this season.  It naturally follows that I took footage of the fantastic performances.  Naturally, I wanted to share.

So, Listener Dear, just listen to a couple of the frolicsome sounds I recorded:

yeh.  I began to realize that all that lovely foot-stompin'-hand-clappin' music had obstinately gone unrecorded!

Now, I did my best to make a little noise about the situation!

I carried the camera to the store where I had forked over good hard-earned money for the equipment.
And the guy had this to say:

(I'm quietly tearing out my hair, Dear Reader. 
[But it's also true, every now and then I make a few sounds. They are not sounds that I wish to share])

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