Thursday, June 4, 2015


of new posts signifies nothing, Reader Dear, as much as laziness.  I've been lazy.

Consequently, I'm only going to hit the highlights of the lovely spring month I've passed since last I posted.  To begin with, there were these performances I was lucky to attend:

Concert given by The Yard Man and some other musicians, who get a kick out of making music together.

Program given by The Small Actor and his classmates, who get a kick out of seeing their parents and grandparents and other doting relatives in the audience--

that fan club who is getting an even larger thrill by watching these little performers!

And, then, mid-May, there was this event to which I was invited:

Eat It!  food extravaganza held one evening in Philadelphia.  The Yard Man busily handed out samples of his to-die-for butter, while I circulated the room sampling other heart-melting offerings--chocolates and wine and bread and olive oil and cheeses and mushrooms and pears...well, a most extensive and delectable assortment of foods!

The evening included the auctioning-off of a pig, which involved a whole (oink-less, but with tail intact) porcine critter being butchered and sold in pieces to the highest bidder (funds going to a charity). The woman who expertly wielded the saw and knife runs a butchering business with her mother.

The Yard Man, naturally,
brought a hunk of that piggy home for us to pig-out on!  

(If  I may, I will tell you more later of this
month of May that I passed while post-less)

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