Saturday, June 20, 2015


It was the order of the evening!
It was my meal out with "The Men." 
All of my sises-in-law (those who had been spending great amounts of time together while the sister from Washington State was in the area) were out-of-town.  (It's understandable; those sisters piled into a van and went to spend time with the [yet one more] sister who lives in Ohio!)

That left, of course, the men to fend for themselves.  They decided on wings and beer at a local pub, and I was invited!
Thus, here I was--the lone sis-in-law, at a table with all these brothers-in-law (plus The Yard Man and a nephew)!

(Reader Dear, I have a great big ol' grin on my face, looking at this photo of these dear XY's who are connected to me by the ties that bind!)

As the lone double-X, I decided I'd do a little research*

*On the sly (more difficult than one might suppose), I jotted down topics of conversation. Though I lost the list, I remember that sports and food were highlights.**

 **But I was such a  minority, Dear Reader, what do I know?!
Any researcher worth her salt might assume my very presence could have skewed this research project!  

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