Friday, June 5, 2015


of May:

I experimented with taking both  The Little Actor and The Tiny Actor to the Science Factory.

I got a positive reaction!

When I took The Small Actor to a fundraising event,
this positive experience turned him into Spider Man!

Also in May:

There was a visit by the Bro-in-Law and Sis-in-Law (of the California jaunt) from their home in Olympia, Washington. Together, along with the local sises-in-law and The Yard Man, we took a trip to Belleville, Pennyslvania, for the day.  We planned to go to Amish stores and bakeries, and also to visit two elderly aunts of this group.

Fortuitously, we happened upon a large, Amish fundraising auction, as well.  Have I got the photos for you, Viewer Dear!

This auction was run by the Yellow-buggy Amish! (I'm taking my cue from the evidence.)

It was just about lunch time when we discovered the
event, and
(should you not be acquainted with this plain-dressing people) the Amish know how to make food!

Look at this creative idea, Viewer Dear--a salad bar in a boat!

(I ate homemade ice cream).

Moving along, we visited an Amish nursery (as this group of sises goes a little gaga over greenhouses!)

Two of the Amish stores we stopped to peruse  sold household items, and one was selling wooden furniture. 

As we pulled into the parking lot of one of these stores, The Yard Man spied an Amish farmer making hay with a team of five horses.  A five-horse hitch!  This excited The Yard Man (aka The Horse Man), and whatever do you suppose, Reader Dear--he managed to get a turn at driving those five hard-working Belgians!  Clearly, it was the highlight of his day!

It even gave me a slightly quickened heartbeat just getting these shots of an idyllic pastoral scene (ahem...hard work on a hot day!)
And there is more...
(i.e.  to be continued)

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