Saturday, June 4, 2011


Fall off the cliff , Reader Dear, for real.
(Although, it being merely proverbial, I suffered no long-term harm; I'm presently making my laborious way back, the long way around).

Now the holiday, it's just a memory; the heat segued back into silky, sensational spring; the hoped-for tenant was found (I can't say for sure, but this Georgia belle and her husband seem like a real catch). As for holding my Small Actor--
I'm still happily doing so!

I've been working at movie production, as well, whenever I get the chance.

I've got two new releases for you--one starring the Small Actor in a surfing role.
(I'm excited; he shows great promise in his acting career!)

And another which features (I'm tickled to say) BOTH of
my most popular actors. The Little Actor stars as a very young
man facing his first heartbreak. Meanwhile, the Small Actor takes
a supporting role, playing one who appears to be stealing the
affections rightfully due the Little Actor. *

*While this movie may leave you hanging just a bit (regrettably, I did not think through the closing scene), I can assure you, Dear Viewer--in the end, assurances of love were meted out to the Little Actor in sufficient measure to assuage his feelings of betrayal.



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