Monday, June 20, 2011


THE ANIMALS WERE HAPPY. They feasted on three raw pork chops and a whole half pound of pepperoni. The pepperoni was in little circles, its intended fate to be atop a pizza for the yard man and Linus.

Yes, indeed, the refrigerator was on the fritz! If I'd have been quick on the draw--quick on perception; taken fast action; basically, you know, had different circumstances, and-or been a different person--I may have been able to save those chops and the other recently purchased meat. The various containers of leftovers, the mayo, all the questionable food that got dumped--it may have been rescued.

However, despite the ill health of the refrigerator and ensuing chore of dealing with all that food in its bowels, the day was redeemed by mitigating circumstances: Very Relaxed Lunch.* Father's Day cook-out for supper.** Another excellent concert at the park.***

And, yes--the Fat Cats were astonished at their
good fortunate! The chickens clucking
Ode to Fridge!







Anonymous said...

All your electricity/appliance issues, I wonder if that wiring problem--um, faulty transformer--er, whatever--some months back actually got fixed. Yikes. Dare you fall asleep at night??


KTdid said...

I believe you are remembering the power surges. The electric company took care of that, supposedly ...(but only *supposedly,* as the yard man and I do not know diddly squat about the snafu). We fall asleep at night with our toes and fingers crossed. So far, so good.