Tuesday, June 28, 2011


LINUS LEFT US. It was this past Saturday he packed his bags and went to stay with an Amish family for the remainder of his visit to the U.S.

On Friday evening, his last one with us, The Yard Man and I took him shopping at the local mall.
"My grandmother wants me to buy clothes while I am here," he had told us."They don't cost so much as in Germany."

But our first stop was the Apple store, where Linus perused the ipods and ipads and... truthfully, I don't know what all he and The Yard Man looked at. I sneaked out for a little side trip to the shoe store!

Then the H&M store was where the two of them headed for clothing. Linus had informed us that they have H&M stores in Germany; he would be better able to compare prices there.

When I met up with them again, Linus had already made most of his purchases. "He's a good shopper!" The Yard Man explained. "He knows what he likes, and he thinks about the price and makes decisions quickly."

We got home, and Linus laid his new purchases out on the floor. About the bright turquoise pants and the light turquoise shirt, he laughed ruefully. "Why did I get these? I have so much of this color at home!" It's one of his favorite colors. He told us that, and then laughed again, "It's okay, I can wear these sometimes!"

He was such a pleasure to have around. The Yard Man and I are missing him!
Each day when I read the paper, I look in the comics section to see if Linus is there.


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