Tuesday, June 21, 2011



And two hair dryers. I dilly-dallied around in my kitchen while the service man poked and prodded and did various ectomies. While the cooling coils were thawed of their ice buildup, he explained the problem, researched the availability of the needed part, fiddled around for another half hour and then marched out the door with a promise to be back on Thursday.

When he had first told me it may take a week or two for the part to come in, I had groaned a piteous groan and put my head down on the kitchen table. "I can't handle this," I told him.
He laughed a somewhat nervous laugh. "Well," he said. "You can go ahead and use the refrigerator in the meantime. It will run."

"What? Oh my goodness-- Hallelujah!" I exclaimed, my demeanor doing a spin.

Of course, when he was gone and I scanned the counters overflowing with the fridge's ex-contents, and contemplated the cleaning, reassembling and re-stocking that was not just an optional chore, I kind of wanted to put my own head in the freezer.

Just to cool down, of course.


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