Monday, June 13, 2011


AARGH! I'M BREAKING DOWN under the weight of breakdowns. See this innocent-looking, demure little vacuum cleaner? Ha, lately it's got the devil in it! And, Dear Reader, if you suppose that my wireless router is as well-behaved as it appears, use some imagination!

If I wish to make use of the vacuum cleaner, it necessitates a certain manipulation of the electric-sucking cord in order to keep it running.
Dependent upon my ability to get it twisted a certain way with one hand as I steer with the other, the vacuum will power up about as often as it cuts off. By the time I've managed a quick buzz around the living room floor, my head is buzzing with words better left unspoken!

And then. Just to show me who's boss--keep me in my place, you know (huddled near the phone jack)--my wireless router has gone on strike. I may be saying this calmly, Dear Reader, but having to be tethered to a cord after so long roaming free is, well, it's... it's...AARRGHHH! (as I believe was previously expressed).

You're ho-humming? Just wait. There's more: The upstairs bath has suddenly decided to go dark. From force of habit, I continue to "turn on the light" each time I enter. Time after time I'm taken aback by the black.

Days are fine, you know. There is a window. But at night, the blackness rubs off on my psyche. (Grrrrr...when are we ever going to get an electrician over here to check this out?!!)

My laptop was acting like a spoiled brat today, and the car's been getting a little shaky. Whining a lot, too.*

*hmm, I'm the bad influence?


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swa said...

lewy saw the big picture of you at the top of the blog page and started talking unintelligibly about you... wonder what he was saying... oh he just said, "hi mamoah"