Friday, June 17, 2011


I'VE GOT SOMEBODY YOU MUST MEET, Reader Dear. (And yes, I promised you a picture of him nearly a week ago!)

My yard man and I are completely charmed by Linus!
(It's pronounced LEE-nus, because he is German, you know). He's such a pleasant and agreeable fellow, readily giving his slightly shy smile and responding with "I sink so, yes," to most every request. Each day he gets up early and goes and helps the yard man with his many projects (most of which--while Linus has been here--have involved gardening or horses). Then in the evening, I get to ask Linus questions while we eat supper. He converses very well in English. If he can't think how to express something, he simply pulls out his technological assistant and looks it up; but he isn't stumped for a word very often.

This evening we ate supper at the picnic table.
When we were finished eating, we all read today's paper.
Linus said, "I have to see if Linus is in the paper today!"
But, alas, only Charlie Brown and Snoopy were there.



gyjb50 said...

Is Linus living with you? An exchange student?

KTdid said...

Yes, he's living with us for a few weeks. His parents worked out living arrangements for him--(yard man knows his father)and he will be in the U.S. a total of about three months.