Monday, May 30, 2011


YOU MAY HAVE SUSPECTED, READER DEAR, that I fell off the proverbial cliff.
In actuality, the scarcity of blog posts is a direct result of each and every one of the following:

HEAT--in these parts, we have jumped directly into the hot and muggy, tongue-hanging-out, turn-on-the-AC-prone days of late spring. Inspiration is wilting.

HOLIDAY--it's a holiday, by golly! Throwing together food for holiday cook-outs (while my yard man trucks the grill down to the picnic table)...and such, keeps me busy.

HOPING FOR TENANTS--I'm still trekking over to unlock apartment doors and give my spiel (well, only once; but once too often for a holiday weekend!) And then there are phone calls and email: I saw your ad on Craigslist; in fact, my fiance and I both saw it. For moral reasons, I don't want him moving in with me. We are looking for a place for him until we get married in November. Do you do a short-term lease?

HOLDING MY GRANDSON--The Small Actor is visiting me!

I'm busy coaching (Come on, a smile! Let's see a smile!)
and filming!


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Anonymous said...

Wow!! That's a handsome boy!! I am sorry that the sound on my computer has gone defunkt and a cannot hear the gurgling responses to Grandmommy's coachings!!