Saturday, May 7, 2011


I'M SCRAMBLING TO MAKE up for lost time! It was a whole entire week ago that I got to roll into production mode and give a starring role to my newest young leading man!

The Small Actor* happened to be visiting the same southern area as I was, and stayed for the weekend.
And can you believe it, Reader Dear, what with the photogenic and well-loved Small Actor at the ready, and the picturesque and historical location in which to film, I've got only two movies featuring him!

Not to worry, my camera's stuffed with stills!
We were in Williamsburg, Virginia, after all. And the day was lovely.

After a buffet brunch for the Small Actor's entourage, featuring a quite heavenly chocolate cupcake, and a sublime slice of cheesecake on my dessert plate,

the Small Actor himself had brunch, while those not serving his meal lolled around in the many hallways of the Williamsburg Lodge, pondering the paucity of persons there.

And then walked out onto the charming brick sidewalks of
the Colonial area, with the clip-clopping horse-drawn
carriages, tidy house gardens, small outdoor markets,

and a joie de vivre in the air that causes one to dream about living in a simpler time and place (even as one is enumerating to oneself the very real drawbacks, and reminding oneself that this is, after all, a vacation spot; most of the people here should be in a pretty good mood!)

The yard man and I lost track of the hour, since we were not wearing tri-cornered hats and using the sun as our timepiece; and since we were having such a pleasant afternoon; and since we avoided looking at the info displayed on our cell phones (pretending they were not invented**) because we did not wish to say goodbye to the Small Actor and his caretakers.

But eventually that little V.I.P. got hungry again, and we realized the afternoon was waning.

We gave the thoroughly modern little guy and his parents a parking lot farewell, stepped into our thoroughly modern car (uh, well, relatively speaking) and left the colonial period
behind as we headed home.

*(Not to be confused with the Little Actor,
whose career is being advanced by an advancing vocabulary!)

**(In the interest of full disclosure, it was only I,
Dear Reader, imagining thus. And what I imagine
now is a new invention that brings the dear Small Actor
to my studio [might as well just pretend that I have one] in an instant
to star in my movies whenever I wish!)



jut said...

we finally have a name for our new actor. Other past suggestions: the little announcer, the king baby, the little entertainer...and our new favorite, one that was so apt for mom and dad nearly all of yesterday: the Town Crier

KTdid said...

oh, dear me...was the Small Actor displeased with his caretakers? Or perhaps he craved a great big ice cream sundae and no way to communicate that wish.