Wednesday, May 18, 2011



PLEASE TELL ME the house beside yours there at the beautiful and sunny and seaside Outer Banks of North Carolina is available for rent in early September. I desperately need to be thinking about vacation time. As I type this email, I'm waiting to hear from a workman who is going to stop by Apartment 26 and take a look at the work that must be done ASAP. I'm desperately hoping he can actually DO the work ASAP. I'm desperately trying (get a sense of my level of desperation?) to get the place ready for the tenant who came and looked a week ago and has been calling me at the rate of two or three times a day ever since. (She appears to be quite detail-oriented [er, uh, hmm, well, perhaps the idea might spring into one's head to say "fussy"]). This morning I dragged myself out of bed at the unearthly** hour of --well, it wouldn't be unearthly to you, so I'm not going to say-- to meet the painter at number 26, and he pulled out the bathroom ceiling exhaust fan and we saw that there's a rat's nest of plastic taped-together tubing, which just means that a big hunk of the bathroom ceiling will have to come down and I'll have to find someone to drill me a hole in the cinder block wall and put in a whole new vent pipe--oh, and by the way, if you read my blog venting of two days ago, (which surely you...did?) this is NOT the venting I was venting about THEN (if you can possibly believe that, Dear Reader of mine!) Seriously, two problems of an identical sort two days in a row! Dear me, is this babble overload? Well, anyway, as soon as this call comes through, I must drop this one-sided conversation like a hot tamale and snatch up my briefcase full of keys and tape measure and application forms and two new leases ready for signing (ahhh...thank goodness for those!) and race to the desperation-inducing site to meet with the guy who will help to remedy the state in which the bathroom ceiling will surely be by the time that vent's been installed and I'm heaving my first big sigh of relief! So, anyway, about that vacation house, I'm desperately hoping to hear from you soon!


*open mail

**(I thought to say ungodly,
but on further contemplation, I fully believe God nods an approval of any and every hour at which mankind wishes to extricate mankind's self from the bedcovers)

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