Tuesday, May 17, 2011


WHAT WAS I JUST SAYING? Oh, yeah. I was reminding you how when it rains, it pours! Sometimes, in fact, there's a real avalanche. A torrent! And you know, Reader Dear, even though I could be talking about precipitation, what with this sopping wet weather we've been working our way through, I'm not. Nope, I'm going for the cliched expression, which interpreted my way goes like this: If in close succession one or two tenants tell you they're leaving, look out for a mass exodus!

The Hey-we're-outta'-here craze often comes this time of year--the time of the spring rains. I just don't happen to think about that until there's a flood! Yesterday, as I stood on the sidewalk overseeing the Dryer Vent Wizard, one tenant who has always gushed about how much she loves her apartment arrived home from work and hesitatingly told me--"Uhm, well, I'm giving notice. I'll be leaving. I hate to go, you know, but... " Her son, she informed me, is planning on moving in with her; she needs more space.

Today I picked up my little white business phone and a tenant said, "Hi, this is Jake. I just wanted to let you know, we'll be leaving soon. We bought a house and we're so excited!"

I must admit, I'd have likely mustered up a little more excitement for the two of them myself if he'd been the first to give me this general message, rather than the fifth!*

*Six, if you want to count my
less-than-ideal tenant who
didn't actually give me the message,
but skedaddled anyway.


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