Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Crowd

formed a circle, and the organizer who had earlier instructed us to give him our full attention gave a short presentation speech.  This was prior to handing out chiming clocks to two of the persons who had donated their time and expertise to the Horse Progress Days event.

It was a nice gesture, but it didn't seem to warrant the strict injunction he'd given the group to be certain to pay attention!  After the clocks were presented, he had a few more words to say.  But nothing he said sounded all that significant.  He sounded, in fact, as though he were stalling for time.  He then asked if any of the other organizers wanted to say a few words.  The Yard Man usually has no trouble with this sort of thing, so he kept the crowd's attention for a while. As he was about to wrap up, there was the sound of a small plane overhead.

Everyone craned necks to watch as it approached the group below, and flew over.

Now, Viewer Dear, had you been there you may have been one to immediately guess what was ensuing, but I was slow to catch on.  This plane flying over was The Big Surprise!  


Because, you see, this plane flying over was full of surprises!
The pilot made three more passes, spilling candy on the crowd below each time.
The crowd shrieked and whooped and scrambled with every pass!

It was joyous to behold the joyous crowd!

We clapped and waved as the pilot flew off into the moonlit evening!

Later on there was a bonfire.

But the highlight of the evening for me, Viewer Dear, was the high-flying (well, low-flying)
 event (and I didn't even eat any candy)!

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