Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Is there anyone of Baby Boomer age who is scratching his or her head and saying, "Arlo?"

I think not!     For sure and certain, I'm talking here about Arlo Guthrie! He performed at the park this past Sunday!  These free outdoor concerts at the park take place every Sunday evening, and The Yard Man and I always like to attend.  They've booked some really fine musicians over the summers, but seldom was there anyone with the stature and fame of Arlo!  (His daughter was there as well, and opened for him).  The crowd was massive!

Now, Listener Dear, if you've ever been to an Arlo concert, you know that this man is very fond of telling stories! I believe very nearly half of his total performance time was spent talking.  He talked about Woodstock (I'm calling all Baby Boomers to explain "Woodstock" to their offspring (who may have not a clue regarding this massive festival of "peace and music" held on a farm in Woodstock, New York, back in the late sixties.Arlo was one of the folk musicians who performed there.  Here's a clip describing his first day at Woodstock (This followed his description of being taken to the stage in a helicopter and viewing the 400,000-person crowd below!)

Keep in mind, in your description of the event (Dear Fellow Baby Boomer) the rampant use of marajuana-aka-weed in the late sixties [and, without a doubt, at Woodstock!])
Sunday night Arlo did play lots of his old songs, to be sure (and one of Bob Dylan's, too).

And here's one that his father, Woody Guthrie, wrote and sang way back in the 1940's. (One of my favorites of the evening).

Alas, non-Listener dear, my camera lost battery power before Arlo sang, "This Land is Your  Land....This land is my land, from California to the New York Island.  From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters, this land was made for you and me."

Well, it's a tiny handful of highlights I've brought you.  I'm not even including the half-hour long, winding, detailed account of Alice's Restaurant (in which Arlo gets a fine for littering, because, out of the largeness of his heart, he and a friend want to help Alice get rid of her trash [turns out, the dump is closed on Thanksgiving Day!])  It's a fine story, Reader Dear, told as only Arlo can tell it.  You will have to make sure to see him next time he's in town!

The Yard Man and I enjoyed the after-show, as well--the view of hundreds of cars exiting the parking lot.  It was a long show, made special by the glorious full moon in the sky.  That moon was smiling directly down on us, yes, it was.

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