Thursday, June 12, 2014


weather during the work week, the weekends in my part of the country have been offering up pristine conditions!  You know, Reader Dear, what kind of skies and temperatures I'm talking about here--the perfect kind for any event taking place outdoors!  Including, of course...

Concerts at the Park ! (A short synopsis of this season's Concert Number One follows):

This very first concert of the season, The Yard Man was out of town.  I carried a picnic supper to the park, early, and awaited the arrival of my Little Actor (along with his family entourage).  Little did I know I'd be escorting a super-hero over to the park playground!
At the playground, this super-hero urged me to climb up onto the equipment.  (This was a laborious process, Reader Dear, and he didn't seem amenable to simply whisking me up there with his super powers, as I suggested). However, I did venture up, and finally made it to the most elevated part of the structure.
 "Climb down here with me," he then begged, as he disappeared into a tire-ringed opening cut into the platform.
 "Oh, but I'm an old woman," I objected. "I can't climb down in there!"
A small fellow-playground-player who was standing nearby, awaiting his turn, found fault with my logic.
  "You're a parent!" he exclaimed.  "You can do whatever you want!"
  "What I mean is..." I began, but then I stopped.  
  "You're right, I can!" I said.  And down through that hole I went, feeling very much like a (very foolish) super-hero!

Interestingly enough, Listener Dear, there are no clips of the band in this brief synopsis.
It's just too brief.*
(*You might say.  Or, you might say
I was just too taken with other performances
of the evening to record that band).

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