Monday, June 30, 2014

Er. Uh. More Music.

Perhaps, Reader Dear, you've had enough of the  music.  Maybe music is not your thing.
It's possible, I suppose, you don't care for laughter or sunshine, either!
Nor green verdant meadows and rushing streams,
A cup of hot chocolate on a snowy morn.
Dear Reader, perhaps you don't bother looking for rainbows when they're painting the sky.
And, it's conceivable, I guess, on star-spangled nights your focus is downward.
Maybe when you're offered the velvety wine,
there's a shake of your head rather than a nod.

If so, I am sorry.
This is the music from yesterday evening's concert in the park.
 (I am sighing for lack of ability to post a longer [and more lovely] sampling of music.  Alas, misbehaving computers are not my thing [er, I mean I wish they weren't!)

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