Saturday, June 14, 2014


(the calendar will tell you it was last weekend) found the Yard Man and I frolicking forth to take in the event, being so fortunate as to be favored by fabulous weather!  (And please don't roll your eyes at my alliteration, Reader Dear.  You well know my affinity for it [my Any-And-All-Alliteration-Affinity, one might call it])

 I've (also) got a real affinity for warm spring evenings spent with my favorite yard man, with my favorite one-man band and accompanying dancers performing on the sidewalk, and other groups of musicians popping up here and there.

 My affinity extended to a small group performing in the nether regions of a small cafe.  I was not even very nonplussed when they started singing about too much of the, uh, crappy stuff.  Er, you know what I mean, Dear Reader.  Sh*t.  Uh-huh, I hate to say it, but they sang that word like it was love or candy.  Again and again, they sang that word while folks munched on their pastries.  While they swayed to the beat.

Now, as it turned out, those singers were pairing an excess of excrement (so to speak) with  "not enough sunshine."

As it turned out, I was almost giddy over having ENOUGH sunshine!  As it turned out, I was swaying to the beat with the best of 'em!

As it turned out, June's "First Friday" was fittingly fantastic!



gyjb50 said...

Alliterate away! I enjoy it.

KTdid said...

I'll keep koming with kwirks as long as the komments keep koming! (Thanks for yours, g!)