Friday, June 13, 2014


at the park, the superb weekend weather has also enhanced the experience of riding in a wagon behind two trotting horses.  I can attest to this, Reader Dear, from actual true-life experience.  You see, the excellent weather has spurred the horse-driving urges of the Yard Man.  And thus, when a week ago, a cousin of mine and his wife and friends showed up from out of town, and were very interested in the big equine, it was all the excuse that Yard Man needed to jump eagerly into action!  These guests were treated to a lengthy clippity-clop. (I can only treat you to a short clip, Viewer Dear. No clop.) 

 The very next evening the Yard Man was treated to another opportunity for giving a ride to friends (once again enhanced by wonderful weekend weather [the ride, that is; though perhaps the friends, as well]!)

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