Tuesday, August 30, 2011


RED BELL PEPPERS are to green ones as a day like today compares to one with pounding rain.
Or a dish of vanilla ice cream compares to a great big ole' ice cream sundae with three scoops of peanut-butter-chocolate-ripple-cookies-n'-cream, hot fudge and caramel sauce running down its sides.

Whipped cream and a cherry on top.
That's why I begged of my yard man (yes, he of the horse-farmed veggies), "Bring me all you've got!"

That's how I ended up with quite a boxful. I reckon all these little beauties have so much sunshine stored up in their rosy-red bodies that it should carry me and the yard man through many bleak days of winter. (Oh, my, there's even a chance we'll have to put on our sun-specs!)

I think it wise to keep them out of sight of the green bell peppers in my kitchen; I doubt these flashy, drop-dead gorgeous scarlet veggies could be humble if they tried!


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Anonymous said...

Cut some into strips and saute them in olive oil and freeze them spread out on a tray. Then store them in glass jars in the freezer. Your skillet rice concoctions will sparkle.