Sunday, August 7, 2011


I mean, it was a family barn-raising!! was a family shed-raising,
to be absolutely honest.

Like an Amish barn-raising,
however, it involved many
hours of cooperation
and sweaty labor.

Unlike an Amish barn-raising, though, it involved the deciphering of a thirty -page instruction manual.

And unlike the Amish shindig, kisses and hugs all around when the cooperating construction workers parted ways.
(Although it's true, Dear Reader, I'm only assuming Amish barn-raisers do not express such affection when the barn is raised.)

(By the time goodbyes were said in Richmond,
Virginia, the caretakers of the Small Actor
had a mostly-constructed storage shed, and the
whole family had a satisfied feeling [very nearly, I think,
as if we were Amish and had raised a barn!])


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