Saturday, August 6, 2011


AH, WHAT GOOD FORTUNE--BOTH OF MY DIMINUTIVE ACTORS are readily available for movie-making during my weekend here in Richmond, Virginia. The Little Actor was my delightful traveling companion on the way to this southern city, yesterday. And now while I'm here, the Small Actor charms me with his new vocalizations and new ear-to-ear smile and new way of maneuvering his thumb into his mouth and new...well, not-so-new, but age-old and still as marvelous as ever--baby smell!

It's true my actors spend a great deal of time eating and sleeping;
otherwise, outside of any schedule whatsoever, they are being pampered and fussed over--
at varying times for each, making it difficult to feature
both in the same production.

Hence this movie-making nearly has me running
in circles.



Anonymous said...

What precious videos! I can't believe how big the Little Actor is, and it'll be so much fun to watch the Small Actor grow. Can't wait to hear about your adventures - I was in Richmond on the 11th and 12th, and I wonder if out paths may have unknowingly crossed at some point!

KTdid said...

Hello, fromunder! by the 11th and 12th we had moved on to Asheville, but paths crossing would have been so delightful!