Monday, August 22, 2011


TODAY'S WEATHER WAS QUITE lovely! A bit warm in the afternoon, perhaps, but nothing like the day that I wrote the following post. This post was composed several weeks ago when the weather was intense; but it was never presented for your reading...uh...pleasure, Reader Dear. (And since I've already been scrounging around in the past for the past few days), I might as well toss it your way:

It was hot outside today (Oh, my goodness, what news! I'm sure you're quite astounded, Dear Reader) . I pulled down all the shades, put my favorite CD's on the player, and spent a good chunk of the day cleaning out drawers (mostly just drawers, but there was one cupboard, as well, that I unloaded of its stash of items; sorted and sifted). I ended up with quite a nice little everest of things I must now dispose of in some manner or another.

The hodgepodgey drawers in the kitchen were the easy ones. I didn't look longingly at the box of paper clips and the one full of safety pins after I'd taken away their drawer-dwelling privileges. Nor was it difficult for me to throw out expired coupons and toss extemporaneous pairs of scissors into the thrift store donation box. But I came across two items that will definitely gain re-admittance!

They are my little mood-boosters, my trinket-tonics. And they're amazing!
In a matter of seconds, I can pick up the jar of bubbles or the kaleidoscope and go cavorting into a carefree eden* where chaotic drawers and dirty floors don't bother me at all .

(*I only wish, Dear Reader, I could pack my bags and stay in this idyllic spot a little longer!**)

**Though my stay was quite lengthy when once I
got started making video wouldn't
believe, Viewer Dear, how many I have to show you!***



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