Sunday, August 28, 2011


IRENE STORMED AWAY! But not before making a real scene!

In fact, she kept me awake most of the night with her shrieking and throwing things around!

She was breaking things, too! A limb on the neighbors' tree cracked and fell into our driveway (They're new neighbors; the poor things, getting such an initiation into home-ownership!) And then, good grief, Irene grabbed a piece of that limb and tossed it right over the top of our house and onto the kitchen porch.

Not satisfied with just huffing and puffing, she felt the need to overfill the creek that flows under our covered bridge. (The very one, Dear Reader, with the sign on an inner wall--fully two-thirds up the side- "High water mark for Hurricane Agnes, June, 1972")*

Irene didn't attain the heights of Agnes, but it wasn't for not trying!
Needless to say, I wasn't sorry to see Irene taking her departure today.

Irene, Irene, she made a scene,
and what is more--she stole one!
(I was all set to tell you the tale of the all-day auction of family heirlooms that occupied my Saturday from start to very nearly finish, and then there came Irene, flouncing along, stealing that scene right out from under!!)**


*It's ours, I say! Every single day of the past thirty-odd years, with very few exceptions, my yard man and I (together or separately) have pulled out of our driveway onto the road, traveled the quarter-mile downhill and traversed it.

**That's okay, Reader Dear, there's a slightly better than average chance I'll give you a blow-by-blow account of the auction-action later.



gyjb50 said...

You were harder hit than we were. We have downed leaves (not many limbs) and rain (but not flooding). Glad for the rain though. Apparently the Blue Ridge Mtns acted as a barrier.

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KTdid said...

Um, but Anony, I hate to point it out, but your site is ALL IN FRENCH!
Not to mention, my dear, how very much it appears to be a COMMERCIAL WEBSITE. Oh, bon chagrin!