Saturday, September 3, 2011


TODAY WAS A VERY OUT-OF-THE ordinary one for me. In fact, today I had an adventure the likes of which I never had before in my whole entire life. Quite happily, I shared this brand-new experience with the Little Actor. You should not be shocked, Reader Dear, to hear the news that this grand adventure was a first for the Little Actor, as well.

Now I'd so love to give you the details, Dear Reader! I'm wringing my hands and bemoaning all over the place. But alack and alas, yesterday morning I dropped my laptop on its head, and now it may be dead!!*

*There is nothing to be done but pace the floor, hope for a good prognosis, a quick fix.
You know I'll be racing right back with the tale at my first opportunity; oh, yes, I will!
Because here's the thing--this adventure embarked upon by the Little Actor and me--there's a very good chance that you, too, Reader Dear, your very own self, have never, ever before... ooops, sorry, gotta go!


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