Friday, September 23, 2011


WATER-LOGGED! THIS PLACE IS SO water-logged, Reader Dear (this now-soggy place where I live)! The creek's on the rise again! Watching another day of rain is a bit like sitting in the dentist's chair while drilling is going on. The primary thought: "WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END?!"


Then, suddenly, as I was driving home while the day was waning and it was still raining, I had another question, "WHERE MIGHT BE THE POT OF GOLD??!!" Ah, Dear Reader, the rainbow was fantastic and fleeting, arching up into the wet heavens so triumphantly. In the few minutes that it graced the sky, I happened to glance over to the west, and......

lo and behold!
There it was--the (s)pot of gold!*

*A sight that never grows old!


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