Tuesday, September 6, 2011


AH, ARRRGH, DOUBLED!! THIS dying of my computer has caused much consternation, Dear Reader. It's a good thing my hair's grown long, the better to grasp curly fistfuls; I'm about to tear it all out! If I were to entail for you all the details, the account would be so extensive and filled with inaction (all those hours and hours wandering around the two stores which employ "Geek Squads," whiling away time until one or another of said geeks can attend to my queries and complaints) you'd be drumming your fingers and whistling a little tune while you rapidly scrolled down the screen.

But I must, you see, I really must, give you a quick synopsis: It was Friday last, I believe, when I whisked my printer off the table where sat my laptop with its cord connected. Ka-blam, computer crash! Oh, woe is me. Off to the first geek-run store, where I had only the evening before had a thorough clean-up of my laptop, and spent two full hours with the person performing the service.

"Hmm," said the technician who could first squeeze in a minute for me after I'd spent much time waiting. "It crashed to the floor? It's likely toast." He unscrewed the back and an eensy-teensy piece of black plastic fell out--a piece no larger than a grain of rice! "Aha," he said disgustedly, "See?! Things are falling out of it! I think you've probably done it in. But," he continued. "We can take a look at it. Things are awfully busy with back-to-school and the holiday. It will be three days until we can tell you more."

THREE DAYS, Reader Dear! He said three days!

One day later, I checked back at the store (squeeky wheels get the oil, you know. But, alas, same old tale-- We're swamped--Look at all these customers--I've had a very bad cold--off from work for a week--We've run out of all the advertized specials--All these people waiting!-- We'll call you when the diagnosis is complete.
I left for Store Number Two, where I spent two hours. My intention was to purchase a netbook (It's a very mini-laptop), just to get by, you know; but, ha, here's what you can now know, Reader Dear: I ended up with a quick-talking salesman, and left with a medium-sized laptop. Oh. oh. oh. Trying to learn its ins and outs at home, I changed my mind!

So, moving on to another day; it was yesterday, I believe. I'm losing track, but I know it's a holiday. Customers are densely milling when I go back to the store to return the laptop. "This is not what I want," I say. "What I want is a netbook!"

When I've finally snagged myself a geek, I trail him around the store, warding off other customers lying in wait for him. "The only place you can shake me is the men's room!" I say. He helpfully sells me a discounted netbook (it's an older model; "Could have been a floor sample" he says. It's off the clearance table, but he assures me it will serve me well. "We'll get it all set up for you, install the anti-virus. It will be all ready to go. We just need twenty-four hours."

"Fine," I say.

But it was only a few hours later when someone from the store called yesterday evening to tell me: "We have your laptop ready."

"Fine!" I said.

Through the pouring rain, I once again made the trip to the store. It only took a half-hour to get everything squared away, and I hurried home to use my new netbook! The one that was all set up for me!

Except. Hmm. Who is this "Trang" person whose email address comes on the screen?! And, dear me, here's Anna--is she his wife? Hmm. I try to ignore these people (as well as the third one--her name is Thuy); I decide to put my media card in the netbook. But...oh, great gaping hole in my camera where it should have been dwelling! It takes me but a few short moments to realize I left the darn thing in the medium-sized computer I'd returned to the store earlier in the day. Oh, arrrgh. Double-arrrgh. Arrrrgh squared!

This morning I drove through the pouring rain to the store and was there when they opened the doors. "What's the deal?" I asked. "The whole Trang family is living in my netbook!" But before they could answer, I moved on to Subject Number Two---My media card!!
I quickly explained that my media card was residing in the computer that I'd returned the night before. The two geeks behind the counter shook their heads. "It's probably already gone. The truck that leaves with them was behind the store earlier."

"MY PICTURES! I NEED THOSE PICTURES! All those photos of the Little Actor and our grand adventure!! Stop the truck!! Send a rescue squad!!" (I was only yelling in my head. But aloud I was pleading for my media card with all my might). Ah, and you see, Reader Dear, how easy it was for them to go and have a look for my media card--to go see if the truck had departed the store. They'd already made an egregious mistake by not shooing the Trang family out of my newly-purchased computer . Off strolled one of the geeks, and five nail-biting minutes later...

he strolled back with...

*Yes, Dear Reader, it's what I've been dying to tell you! Our Trip to the Zoo! Our Excellent Adventure!The First Camel Ride of our Lives! **

**And now, with my new, new netbook***
and my media card, have I got the photos for you!!

*** (Uh, huh...the store hurriedly gave
me a new one)


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