Sunday, September 25, 2011


MY HEAD WAS CARRIED so far back into antiquity this afternoon that I was slightly freaked out.
It was due to a movie that I saw--a documentary showing cave drawings. If the investigators and researchers and the movie-makers themselves are to be believed, the graffitti found on certain cavern walls in France was done quite a while back. Just a tad further back than any other human artwork I've ever laid eyes upon.

According to the narrator of this movie, these sketches of equine (and there were many other animal drawings, as well) were done some thirty thousand years ago. Thirty. Thousand.


I wouldn't say that was just the other day!

And now, Viewer that you've seen these pictures...aha...I've carried your head off into antiquity, as well! It feels a little strange back here, does it not? A little dark and clammy and unfamiliar? (A little lacking in nail clippers and cell phones?) Dear Reader, now that you've wandered a step or two into the dark ages yourself, you can likely understand how it gave me a teensy thrill to wake the one person most interested in horses in the whole entire theater (who was snoozing in his seat beside me [it was a movie of little dialogue and not much drama; it was a Sunday afternoon; it was thirty thousand years ago, for heaven's sake]), and, with friends who'd accompanied us there, exit the theater into the lovely light of modernity!


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