Monday, November 3, 2014


unbuttoned, unwrapped, flapping loosely in the breeze; its emptiness is so painfully obvious.

I will make an attempt, Reader Dear, to fill it with...well...with a couple photos I've taken of autumn--bright and beautiful autumn!
(It's the best I've got).
A walk in the park--that's where I saw these lovely planters.
When I drove past the home of some Amish neighbors last week, I was reminded that nothing says "fall" like an Amish wedding!  The day was Tuesday, which let me know the field full of buggies and the crowd in the yard meant an all-day celebration was in progress.
I explained to the tourists taking photos at the covered bridge--just a stone's throw away--that Amish in this area get married in November (in recent years it has included late October or early December) and always on a Tuesday or Thursday.


These few photos will have to rattle around in the blog until I get something that is interesting, unique, and more than just another pretty photo.  Be patient, Reader-Viewer Dear!


sk said...

Those are lovely biddies.

KTdid said...

Thanks, sk. They are pictured in front of their cottage. They cluck around it constantly. They lay fresh eggs for its guests.