Wednesday, November 12, 2014


A pair of shoes, Reader Dear, had been residing in my closet for decades.  In fact, more than a couple decades, almost eons!  I up and threw those shoes away the other evening.  Just tossed them in the trash, along with the crumpled napkins and used teabags!

It was all in the timing of things,* the way I said goodbye to them so quickly.  You see, this event occurred during the late-night evening with four friends (only two of whom weighed in on the issue of the shoes, and the fact that I had stored them for such a lengthy expanse of time with no intent of ever actually wearing them again [because they were white and plastic and the cheapest pair of shoes I have ever purchased (that, and the fact that they were starting to get a little mildewed, and the style was that of the long-ago time when The Yard Man and I mutually answered a minister's questions with, I do!)]  The other two friends were discussing politics, or nature, or the nature of political persons with The Yard Man [actually, I have no idea what those men  were discussing] when my two female friends cast their eyes upon these shoes and exclaimed in a chorus, "THROW THEM OUT!!")
I suppose these friends, Dear Reader, are not of the most sentimental sort, but they are two of the very best that I've got!  I value their advice.  I carried that set of footwear directly to the garbage bin and pitched them in.

And, the next morning, I tried very hard not to give it a second thought as I covered those shoes over with trash and dragon fruit peelings.

*"I want to see the shoes you wore to the wedding!" had requested my  out-of-town friend.

As you may have read, Dear Reader Dear, the wedding of my Dark-haired Daughter and David took place just weeks ago.  As fate would have it, the shoes I wore to that wedding had been shuffled away to a far corner of my closet (since they're summer shoes). As fate would have it further, I'd just done the shuffling on the prior day; I'd just been reminded of another pair of footwear dwelling in that far corner.  As fate would have it, my friend didn't specify which wedding.


sk said...

Any pictures around of those shoes shodding you on the day of the I Do's?

KTdid said...

sk, yes, right shoe definitively there on my right foot as I'm walking down the aisle on the arm of my father

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes, Kathy. I had a pair of brown ones very similar that I wore in 1972 and hung on to until the '80's.

KTdid said...

I have a big smile on my face, D. I think I might remember those brown shoes of yours! (Mine were $3.00 from Super Shoes. The heel was a different composition from the rest of the shoe, hence, they were two different shades of white. I think I was saving them for a 70's museum :-).