Monday, November 10, 2014


evening, The Yard Man and I attended a fundraising event which featured African food, a silent auction, and African-style dancing. 
It was interesting perusing the auction items.  There was quite an array of things for which to vie--upping one's bid according to how easily one could imagine some stranger walking off  with the basket of chocolates or the original water color or the week at the beach house or the quilt or the antique coins or the...well...Reader Dear, I simply can't give you the whole run-down! (I told you there were lots of items!)

The food was interesting, too, and I enjoyed most of it (though I found the sweet potatoes somewhat too spicy).

But the real fascination for me was the fundraising dancer!

The Dancing Dynamo!

Viewer Dear, this woman was a non-stop mover and shaker!
(And she wasn't young, my dear.  She was whirling along toward late-middle, I'd say. It's that fact that had my mouth gaping!)

It was a strenuous job!*

*Mentally helping that woman to throw her arms and legs around like that was not easy.  By the time we left the event, I was totally exhausted!  (But I was happy to do it;  I think they raised a lot of funds!)

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