Wednesday, November 26, 2014


of kindness that I experienced in the grocery store parking lot today.
When I drove there through heavily falling snow, and spent an extended amount of time in the restaurant* part of the store, I found a thick layer of the wet, white stuff covering my car upon my return to it.  As I began a red mitten type clean-off (awkward and somewhat ineffective), up stepped a young man with a nifty tool he had just used to clean his own car.   He used that tool on my car, and did a fantastic job.  I was charmed by the fact that he even cleaned the roof (not entirely necessary, you know, Reader Dear)!

It made me thankful for kind strangers in parking lots!

*I was accepting past-due rent.  I was getting a "Cancellation of Lease" agreement signed.  I was visiting with my Youngest Tenant and his father, and explaining to Youngest Tenant that leaving only four months into a one-year lease involves a (reasonable [if-one-is-the-landlord]) penalty. Youngest Tenant ordered a French Vanilla latte, and I followed suit. Youngest Tenant's father treated. 

It made me thankful for kind fathers of tenants who make things right!  It made me thankful for French Vanilla lattes!

When I got home in my snow-free car, with French Vanilla latte coursing through my veins, I set about making an enormous quantity of fruit salad.

Dear Viewer, if you come back tomorrow, you will see more of this dish.  You will see an enormous quantity of other things that make me thankful, as well.

Happy Thanksgiving Day Eve,
Dear Reader Dear!


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