Friday, November 7, 2014


had one big wish:  JEK-14!!

For months, he yearned for JEK-14!
He pined for JEK-14!
He dreamed and schemed as to how he could get his hands on JEK-14!*
When asked by his grandmother what he would most like to get for his birthday, he responded with, "JEK-14!"**

Viewer Dear, isn't it fantastic to know that sometimes dreams really DO come true?  That a person can--eventually and at long last and after a large percentage of his or her lifetime has elapsed--receive all he or she ever wanted?!

*While waiting for his birthday, which seemingly would never arrive, The Little Actor suggested to his mother that perhaps Evan might loan him the JEK-14 that Evan is privileged to own.  Could they go and visit Evan? (Known to The Little Actor only through U-Tube, and living a continent away!)
**"JEK-14?!  Huh?!" exclaimed his poor clueless grandmother.  "What in the world is JEK-14?!"
***It is also quite wonderfully satisfying to be the granter of someone's dearest dream! (What is it YOU long for most, Reader Dear?! [Uh, just askin' ya know])


gyjb said...

I'm sure your dream came true the day he was born. It was fun to see his excitement.

KTdid said...

Thanks, Gail :-) Yeah, he's pretty special (as are all of my actors). Can't believe he's five already!