Saturday, October 25, 2014


was exceedingly busy all day, today!

Who can blame him?  The weather in these parts was custom-made for a yard man!  Sunny and warm! Autumn's finest!
 At 11:17 a.m. that Yard Man gave me a call.  "I need your help out here," he said.
"Sure!" I responded. And out of the house I went.
(It was great to be out)
"Hold onto this trunk, and pull it toward you," he instructed.  "I'm going to saw it off, right down here at the base."
He dropped to the ground with his saw.  "This is going to be tricky," he said.
(It was.)

After that, he commenced to drag clippings and pile them on his fire.  He sawed, clipped, chopped, dragged, consulted with a neighbor man who happened to walk by. He cut limbs. (He took a break, and ate lunch on the porch.) He mowed.  He did all the work that earns him his title!

He worked until the sun went down.
He's that kind of man!
It was that kind of day!


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