Friday, October 10, 2014


from wedding celebration
to birthday celebration!
(Reader Dear, I'm moving along in years!)
Happily, I got to enjoy some birthday hoopla with the very one who shares birthday milestones with me!
And, to boot, there were more close family members singing Happy Birthday and presenting Happy Birthday cupcakes and Happy Birthday balloons and eating a Happy Birthday breakfast and sharing Happy Birthday wishes with me and my twin than has ever been the case during all many... years leading up to this one !  (Seating for nineteen at the breakfast cafe!)

We had to wait a while for tables, there were so many of us!
And we were spread around the restaurant.

But I got to sit right there and eat breakfast with three of my dear sibs!
("Do you remember this?" asked my older brother, when he'd presented his birthday gift to my twin.
"You made this for me a very long time ago!  It was a birthday present.  Now you're getting it back!")

I helped my twin blow out one candle (symbolic of many) on one cupcake (symbolic of a gigantic tiered confection, I believe)!

(In the birthday spirit, our other cupcake was gifted to another birthday-celebrating-person in the very same cafe, at the very same time!)

Reader Dear, a few more birthday celebrations were squeezed in before cleaning up the rental house in Asheville, North Carolina, and finishing up the wedding weekend.

With my sis, there were drinks on the porch and shopping at Grove Point Inn (It's this big, historic inn sitting high on the side of a mountain, overlooking Asheville. [Word has it, it's where presidents stay when they're in town]).

The next-day-actual-birthday breakfast was the final hurrah at the rental house,

before packing up and hitting the road.
 En route home, I could feel myself getting older
with every passing mile!


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