Sunday, December 9, 2012


SO THEN, AS THOUGH the celebrity visit and the new phone were not enough enhancement, yesterday's evening hours elevated the day to a shining highlight (of my week, and quite possibly, Reader Dear, of an even lengthier period of time--stretching backward, say, to Thanksgiving Day).  The Little Actor extended his stay with the yard man and me and thus he got to be part of this peak.
(At this point, Dear Reader, I am wringing my hands and biting my lip.  I fear I can't adequately describe the food and the felicity with words, and I'VE GOT NO PHOTOS!)

My yard man and I strapped the Little Actor into his car seat and went off to enjoy an evening with the parents of friends, as well as those very dear friends themselves, whose parents (and in-laws) so kindly issued the dinner invitation.  By the time we were strapping that tot back into his car seat, I was sated with feelings of fullness, and, alas, Reader Dear, all I can give you is a mere run-down of the food we ate:*
Roasted turkey and filling casserole with gravy
Homegrown corn
Homegrown green beans
Homemade applesauce
A fabulous salad of  nappa cabbage and chopped apples and grated cheese and roasted pecans and...and...and...ah, I'm swooning
Homemade bread
Home-canned, homegrown peaches
Chocolate Icebox cake

 *The fullness of gaining new folks to call friends, the camaraderie with those friends, the Christmas carolers suddenly singing in the night, the marble roller...oh, I'm simply not up to the task of elaboration, Dear Reader, dear.**

**( I've got to say more about that Chocolate Icebox cake, however! And that salad! Stay tuned!)


Shirley Kurtz said...

Gracious me. I'll be sure to forward this. I'll stay turned.

KTdid said...

Oh, gracious ME! Thank YOU!