Saturday, December 8, 2012


TO THE MALL I WENT.  Those were the instructions from the guy at Best Buy, after I'd purchased a replacement phone.  "Your best bet is to go to the T-Mobile kiosk at the mall," he'd said.  "They can easily replace your sim card and you'll be all set."  Though I didn't relish the thought of trotting around the mall on a Saturday in December, it proved to be an acceptable experience

In fact, there are certain benefits to be had by visiting the mall during the run-up to Christmas---free chocolate truffles were handed to me (Compliments of Harry & David [One truffle already consumed at the time of this photo, Viewer Dear!])

And the J.C. Penney store gave me lots of free buttons! (I planned  my route to take me through the Penney's store at the earnest exhortation of the Best Buy guy--"You haven't heard about Penney's buttons?!  I won $275!  Oh, you've got to go to the Penney's store and get buttons!!"

Well, then I got home just in time for a visit from the Little Actor.  And he had a present for me, as well!

Of course, the polite thing to do when presented with homemade goodies is to open right away (as suggested by the giver) and everyone have a taste!

Red and green is for Christmas!  And it's that time of year, Reader Dear!!


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