Friday, December 28, 2012


WE WERE IN LUCK, The Yard Man and I and members of our family Christmas bunch who remain in the area!  The turkey was not so lucky.  After its swim in hot oil, Son-in-Law treated us to its amazingly tender and delicious flesh (He borrowed the deep-fat-fryer [The son-in-law did, not the turkey])

As much as I relished that bird and those side dishes, the real piece de resistance for me, Reader Dear, was the after-dinner entertainment furnished by the two little turkey-eaters next in size to the turkey itself.   The Little Actor and the Small Actor (still in town for this booking) gifted us with a live stage performance--"Coffee Table Dancing Allowed for the Benefit of Doting DNA"!

(Should you care to book these performers before they hit national stardom, Viewer Dear,*  keep in mind that their payment of preference is animal crackers.)
*I've included  a publicity shot


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