Thursday, December 13, 2012


THIS EVENING I HAD A SUDDEN INSPIRATION.  This unexpected notion of mine was an idea that I've never had before in my whole entire life!

It was after I'd put together the soup, filling the kettle with a variety of nutritious and tasty vegetables, I remembered the bag of pasta I purchased on a whim months and months ago.  It was on account of their striking coloration that I had bought the bag of bows.  Likewise, it was due to their unusual black-and-whiteness, their squid-inky composition, that I had dragged my feet on tossing them into a pot--they were too pretty to eat

But somehow, on this chilly December night, the mysterious voice of vision whispered in my ear that the time was right to make a Squid Ink Extravaganza!  And sure enough, the bows added a certain je ne sais quoi* that upped my eating pleasure to lofty heights!

*possibly a combination of beauty, charm and taste!

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